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Roland Tembo:

  • Jacket
    • Willis & Geiger Hemingway style Bush Jacket
  • Shirt
    • White Short Sleeve Button Up Shirt
    • No Pockets
  • Shorts
    • Khaki Dress Shorts
  • Belt
    • Willis & Geiger
    • brass, palm-leaf shaped buckle
  • Hat
    • Will & Geiger Kalahari Safari Hat
    • Custom braided hat band replacing the original bands
    • Alternate Hat
      • Leisure Time by Akubra
      • Add a chin strap and a custom braided hat band
  • Sunglasses
    • Gold Rimmed Aviators by Ray-Ban
    • Green Tint Lenses
  • Boots
    • leather moccasin boots
    • fold hiking socks over the top
  • Accessories
    • Necklace
      • beaded chain containing a gold wedding band and a round silver, coin-like trinket
    • Earring
      • Simple, small gold hoop earring
    • Leather Cord
      • Simple leather cord tied around right wrist
    • Watch
      • Silver wrist watch
      • Band has gold trimming in the center
      • Round Face
    • Gun
      • Searcy .600 Nitro Express double barrelled rifle
    • Messenger Bag
      • Willis & Geiger messenger map bag

Willis & Geiger
Hemingway Style

White Short Sleeve
Button Up Shirt

Khaki Shorts
and Belt

Willis & Geiger Belt
Palm-leaf Buckle

Will & Geiger Kalahari
Safari Hat

Alternative Hat
Leisure Time

Gold Rimmed Aviators
by Ray-Ban

Leather Moccasin

beaded chain &
wedding band

Gold Hoop

Leather Cord
Right Wrist

Silver Wrist Watch
Round Face

Searcy .600 Nitro Express Double Barrelled Rifle

Willis & Geiger
Messenger Map Bag



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