Reference: Mercedes G-Wagen Guide

How to Build a Jurassic World G-Wagen: A complete reference guide.

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Jurassic World Mercedes G-Wagen:

General Information:

  • 2013-2014 USA Stock Mercedes G550
    • Black Base w/ Silver Wrap
    • Stock Black Mercedes Rims
    • Stock Brush Guard
    • Front LED Light Bars



  • Black Body, Silver Wrap
  • Blue Stripe
  • Black Trim & Accents

Overview photo by Baptiste Coudert

Decals and Marks

  • Decals are availble for purchase through the following:

      • Supply the files below
      • Please indicate the decal size you require for your specific build when ordering.

  • T-Rex Logo
    • Silver / Blue Gradient
    • Placed on both front doors
    • 10" size logo
    • PDF


  • For Official Use Only
    • Arial Narrow Font
    • Placed on lower section of both front doors
    • 2" Tall Lettering
    • PDF


  • Vehicle Numbers
    • White Digits placed on both rear sides within blue stripe
      • Blue stripe is 5.75" tall
      • Digits are 4" tall
    • Blue single digit placed on rear of vehicle
      • Rear Digit is 5.75" tall
    • PDF

  • Screenshot of the door logos:

Production and Film Photos:



  • Jurassic World - Featurette "Mercedes Benz":