Reference: Triumph Scrambler Guide

How to Build Owen Grady's Triumph Scrambler from Jurassic World: A complete reference guide.

DISCLAIMER: The Modifications Required To Produce A Screen Accurate Jurassic World Triumph Scrambler may Conflict With Local Laws. After Modifying The Motorcycle The Vehicle May No Longer Be “Street Legal”.
Please Check Local Laws Before Removing Or Altering Any Part Of Your Motorcycle, Examples Include, But Are Not Limited To, Deleting The Turn Signals, Deleting The Mirrors, and/or Modifying/Altering The License Plate Mount & Brake Light.

Special Thanks to Adam T. for his research for this guide.

If you would like to contribute to this reference guide, please contact us!

Triumph Scrambler:

General Information:

  • 2014 Triumph Scrambler
    • Matte Green Paint
    • Dual Gauge Speed & Tach (2011+)
    • Rocker Switch Quick-Start Ignition
    • Single Seat & Rack
    • Factory Skid Plate
    • Aftermarket 2-1 Exhaust
    • Aftermarket Handlebars
    • Custom Foot Pegs
    • Factory Brake Light Deleted
    • Factory Turn Signals Deleted
    • Factory License Plate Mount Deleted
    • Factory Mirrors Deleted



  • 2012 Steve McQueen Bonneville Paint
    • (CODE: TRI001 at
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Decals & Marks

  • Triumph Gold Scrambler 900 Logos
    • (PN: T2301878)
  • Triumph Tank Badges, Fuel Tank
    • RH (2533765; MFR:T3900524)
    • LH (2533764;MFR:T3900523)
  • Triumph Knee Pad, Fuel Tank
      • RH (2400159;MFR:T2400159)
      • LH (2400158;MFR:T2400158)


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License Plate

  • CALIFORNIA Motorcycle License Plate
    • JUN 2015 (YLW)
    • #9Z9982
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Factory Upgrades:

Dresser Bars

  • Triumph Scrambler Black Engine Dresser Bars
    • (A9758025)
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Engine Guard (Skid Plate)

  • Silver Color Triumph Engine Guard
    • (A9708044)
    • Note: Must be removed for access to oil drain plug.





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Seat Rack

  • Triumph Solo Seat w/ Luggage Rack
    • (A9708096)


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Aftermarket Upgrades:


  • Continental Twinduro
    • TKC80 100/90-19 M/C 57 S TT M+S 020012
    • (57=507lbs, S=112mph)

Handle Bars

  • Bars
    • Renthal Silver ⅞” bar & brace model# 781-01-SI-03-219
    • (padding removed)
  • Grips
    • Fly Racing Half Waffle ATV Control Grips
    • Medium Gray
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Brake Light / License Plate Mount

  • Acerbis 208260-0001
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Foot Pegs

  • Front
    • Custom Made Hard-Steel Pegs
  • Rear
    • Factory Installed


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  • Garmin VIRB Video Camera w/ Large Tube Mount
  • Garmin Rino 650 GPS & Radio
  • Engine Quick Start Switch (Recommended Non-Functional)
  • Waytek #44116 LED 3-pin SPST 20A 12VDC

Items to Delete (Remove):

  • Delete (Remove) the following:
    • Front Turn Signals
    • Rear Turn Signals
    • Side View Mirrors
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Ebay Auction

The following text is from the ebay auction where 1 of the 3 screen used motorcycles were auctioned:

Ridden by Chris Pratt's Owen Grady character in the film the bespoke bike will be sold  to the highest bidder with the proceeds going to Triumph's nominated fundraising partner The Distinguished Gentleman's Ride. Three Triumph Scramblers were customised for the film. One was presented to  Jurassic World star Chris Pratt as a gift after filming, the second is displayed at Triumph's headquarters in the UK and this, the third is up for auction. This incredible once in a life time opportunity gives motorcycle collectors and Jurassic World enthusiasts alike the chance to own a rare and authentic piece of cinematic memorabilia and an iconic motorcycle.

The Scrambler features a twin cylinder, 865cc engine. Modifications include single seat and rack, Arrow Racing high level exhaust, custom footpegs, handlebars and the bike is finished in Matte Green. The bike is exactly as it finished duties on the production.

A certificate of authenticity will be included in the purchase