Reference: Jeep Wrangler Guide

How to Build a Jurassic Park Jeep: A complete reference guide.

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Jeep Wrangler:

General Information:

  • 1992 Jeep Wrangler Sahara Edition 4.0L Manual Pref, Auto Optional
    - Full Fenders w/ Side Steps
    - Front Round Fogs w/ Stoneguards
    - Cinder (Grey) Dash & Pad
    - Cinder (Grey) Visor w/ Orange Warning Label
    - Dark Green Door Panels w/ Brown/Green Map Pouches
    - Dark Green w/ Tan Trim Cloth Bucket Seats w/ Pouches
    - Dark Green Carpet
    - Dark Green Console
    - Full Roll Cage w/ Spice Roll Bar Covers
    - Spice Soft Top Untinted Windows, Tinted Optional

Complete build video:


Video by Daniel Arevalo



  • Primer
    • Use a white or light grey primer.
  • Base Coat
    • 1992 Chrysler Sahara "Sand Beige Low Gloss Metallic Candied Single Stage Urethane"
      • PPG code: LJ1 or 27055
  • Stripes
    • Recommended Color:
      • 1992 Chrysler Radiant Fire Red
        • PPG code: KRD or 4279
      • Alt Color
        • 1992 Ford Performance Red
        • PPG code: EY or 4614
      • Note: The red colors are not confirmed as screen accurate, but are recommended.
  • Suppliers
    • PPG (factory supplier)
    • TCP Global (SoCal Tested supplier)

Painting Guides

General Overview

in Inches

in Centimeters

Recomended Paint Steps

Paint vs Plasti-Dip

  Paint Plasti-Dip
Application Skill: Can be done both at home by spray paint, at home with an air powered paint gun, or by a professional shop. Can be done at home with no equipment necessary.
Life Expectancy: Paint life has many variables like amount of sun exposure, and quality of prep-work. Depending on level of application, it can last a very long time. Most plasti-dips can fail after the first year. Once damage occures, you will need to redo the application. Also prone to sun-fading.
Durability: Paint that has a protective clear coat can be very durable. As long as the clear coat is monitored and maintained, no normal damage should occure. Plasti-Dip is very susceptible to scratches, nicks, and other damage associated with general wear.
Repairability: If it has been damaged it can be repaired as long as you have some of the original paint. However it may be difficult to make the repair blend in depending on location of damage.

Once a section of plasti-dip has been damaged, the only repair option is to redo that section. The new plasti-dip may not match previous sections due to sun-fading.

Install Time: Paint is a very time-consuming process, and its final quality depends greatly how much prep-work was done. Plasti-Dip can be installed on the vehicle in as little as one day.
Overall Quality: Paint depending on the application, has a better quality over Plasti-Dip and provides a more permanent and finished look. Plasti-Dip is prone to sun-fading, and low durability. However it is a good option for those who want a temporary look.

Consensus: If you're looking for a permanent result, then paint by far is the best choice. If you'd rather have a quick temporary design, then plasti-dip may be a better solution for you.
While vinyl is another option, we do not recommend it for Jeep builds based on material cost, durability, and overall finished look.

Decals and Marks

  • “Jeep” Decals x 2 (Aka JOOP)
    • 1992 Exclusive Spice (non-metalic) Jeep Decals
    • MOPAR Original Part # 5AS15LT6
    • Only used on 1992 Jeep Wrangler Sahara Editions w/ Sand Beige LJ1 Paint
    • 1 Decal per side

  • “4.0L HIGH OUTPUT” x 1
    • Rear Right Quarter Panel
    • 1992 Exclusive Spice (non-metalic)
    • Same color as Jeep decals on sides
    • MOPAR Original Part # 5CL06LT6
      • "4.0L HIGH OUTPUT"
    • View Placement

Hood Stamp

  • 12” Tall (primary measurement)
  • 20” wide
  • 10" Tall Numbers (in box)
  • Centered L/R on Hood
  • Appx 4” up from lip of raised portion.
  • Rounded corners on right side of digit box
  • Red Decal Files (for red vinyl graphics)
    • PDF PDF
  • Stencil Decal Files (Recommended)
    • PDF PDF

Side Digits (x2)

  • Two digit number, [00 - 99]
  • 10” Tall
  • Width varies per number choice
  • 1.5” downward from the hood seam
  • Centered inside stripe


Door Decals (x2)

  • Use JP Logo with Yellow exterior ring, black inner ring, and red core.
  • 15.5” wide, measured from flat edge of “Jurassic Park” bar to opposite flat edge.
  • Height varies with proportions of logo.
  • Align top of “Jurassic Park” bar with top of lower door hinge.
  • Align vertical axis to the center upper-door-frame mounting hole.
  • View Placement

License Plate

  • Stamped Metal I.N.C.R. Plate
  • Multiple variations available
    • Stamped Numbers
    • Decal Numbers
  • Produced and sold by
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Antenna CB Whip



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  • Factory Front w/ Extensions
    • Rail Bumper, Black 1992-93
      • Bumper: 55234777
      • End Caps (Rail Extensions): 52040027
      • Diagram
  • Factory Rear Bumperettes
    • Textured Black: 55024414
    • Smooth Black: 4773058
    • Diagram
  • Tow Eyes(x2)
    • mounted on front bumper using factory bolt locations
    • installed by Universal for transportation purposes
    • Blueprints
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Fender Flares

  • Factory Flares
    • w/o End Extensions
    • w/ Side Step Extensions
    • Front, Left: 5AH15JX9
    • Front, Right: 5AH14JX9
    • Rear, Left: 5AH17JX9
    • Rear, Right: 5AH16JX9

Side Steps

  • Sidesteps:
    • Left: 5AF95JX9
    • Right: 5AF94JX9
    • Bracket, Left: 55009131
    • Bracket, Right: 55009130
    • Step Insert: 55017500


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Fog Lights

  • Front Fogs:
    • Sahara Edition Stock Fog Lights
    • Mounting Bracket Diagram
    • Fog Light Repair Video
    • Alternate Fogs
      • Jeep Wrangler TJ 97-04 Fog Lights:
        • Part #'s: 82208017, 82210821, 82202528, 82202529
        • Fog Light Grill / Stoneguard: 82202585 (fits all above)
      • Delta 100 Series

  • Rear Fogs:
    • Screen Used Part ID: POWER / DICK CEPEK
      • P/N C819S
    • Note: Power (Dick Cepek) and KC HiLites used the same mold to produce their lights.
    • KC Hilites 46 Series/770 LE (requires bulb shield modification)
      • Light Kits Part Numbers:
        • #570 - LE Series Fog (Amber) Light Kit
        • #770 - LE Series Driving (Clear) Light Kit
        • #772 - 46 Series All-Season (Amber + Clear) Light Kit
      • Individual Light Part Numbers:
        • #1570 - 46 Series Fog (Amber)
        • #1770 - 46 Series Driving (Clear)
      • Amber Lens
        • Lens Part Numbers:
          • #4510 - 4x6 Lens Fog (Amber)
          • #4511 - 4x6 Lens Driving (Clear)
    • Mounting Instructional Video

  • Overhead Fogs:
    • Modified Jabsco Boat Lights
    • Requires custom machined plate be welded to MOPAR Lightbar
    • Switches mounted to custom place over cubby hole above glove box.


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  • MOPAR Upgrade Light Bar, Single Piece (Not 3 Piece)
  • Cable Harness exits passenger side tube, enters body inside tube depression.
  • Uses mid size cable loom.
  • Custom Manufacturers:
    • Obessesion Offroad and Custom Fabrication
      2141 W 12th St, Marion, IN 46953
      (260) 388-6884
      • Product Info: Solid tube bent
      • YJ, TJ, LJ, JK available
      • $300 + Shipping
    • Jamieson Fabrication Unlimited
      8530 M 89
      Richland, MI 49083
      (269) 760-1473
      • Product Info: 1 Piece Bar (screen accurate)
    • Fence Menders
      2222 S. Lyon Street
      Santa Ana, CA 92705
      (714) 437-3194
      • Product Info: 3 Pieces welded and ground together
      • $200 + Shipping
  • Drawings for production available:
    • .DWG and other AutoCAD files available in the ZIP


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Rims & Tires

  • Tires
    • Size
      • Stock = 215/75R 15
      • Screen Accurate (Factory Upgrade for Sahara/Rio Trims)
      • Recommended for Looks = 235/75R 15 or 30x9.5x15 (largest option)
    • Brand
      • Screen Accurate = BFGoodrich Radial All-Terrains (Discontinued)
    • Tire History

Tires over 10 years old should not be driven on regularly. BFGoodrich Radial All-terrain tires that have the word Radial on the sidewall in the white raised lettering should be used as an emergency or display purpose spare tire only.

  • Rims
    • Basic stock “JEEP 5 Spoke”.
      NOT Sahara Edition Rims. Aka Rally Rims.
    • 15x7.0 (WJN)
    • Part # 52003368
    • Look for the “JEEP” lettering engraved on one of the rims.
    • These rims work on CJs, YJs, XJs, and TJs but NOT JKs.
      • (Rubicon Rims are a 16” alternate option but are larger, only come on TJs, and are concave not convex in appearance. )
      • Replace with Steel Plugs (McMaster#9563K95 or ACE Hardware Plugs)
      • Factory Replacements (stock number on inside of center cap)
        • Factory P/N 8952002969
        • Additional Factory P/N 52002971
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Soft Top

  • Factory Khaki or Dk. Sand
  • Non-Tinted
  • OEM Style (Original or Replace-A-Top)
  • Aftermarket Replacement
    • "Spice"


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Door Panels

  • Dark Green, w/Brown Pocket 1992-93 ("Sahara")
    • Left: 5AY29LG8
    • Right: 5AY28LG8
    • Handle (both sides): 5AE50LG8
  • Restoration video by cyrix9445
  • Diagram




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  • Cinder, 1992-93
    • Pad: 5AD83KXA
    • Steering Column: 5AS80KXA
    • Center Cluster: 5AD88KXA
    • Glove Box: 4638580
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  • Dark Green, 1992-93 (w/o Extra Quiet Insulation, 20 ounce)
    • Front (Front Floor): 5BJ50LG8
    • Rear (Rear Floor): 5CU02LG8
    • Sides (Side Trim): 5AR94LG8
    • Trunk (Cargo): 5DB14LG8
    • Tailgate: NONE
    • Wheel Well Right (Wheelhouse): 5DA92LG8
    • Wheel Well Left (Wheelhouse): 5DA93LG8
    • Add-A-Trunk (If Equip): 5DM38MG8
  • Diagram
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  • Green, 1992-93
    • Base: 4713328
    • Lid: 4713330
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  • Sahara Edition Exclusive
    • Green Fabric Base
    • Tan Leather Trim
    • Map Pouches
    • Green Fabric Pouches
    • 1992-1995 Style Prefered
      • (1987-1990 is Blue-Green)
    • Black Seat Belts
  • Repair Tips
    • Hunt club green satin spray paint
    • Americana Honey brown from Hobby Lobby
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Roll Bars

  • Rollcage: Family Style / Full Cage, Sand Beige
    • Assembly: 55344665
    • Padding Front, Spice: 5CE40LTB
    • Padding Rear-R, Spice: 5CE64LTB
    • Padding Rear-L, Spice: 5CE65LTB
    • Padding Side Bars, w/ Speakers, Spice: 5BJ23LTB
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  • Black Sound Bar
  • No Dome Light
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  • Cinder, 1992-93
    • Left: 5CS35LXA
    • Right: 5CS34LXA
    • Label, Safety (Driver Side): 55009555
    • Diagram
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Mirror Tag

Please visit our Mirror Tag Guide for detailed instructions. Tag files available in PDF and PNG format for download.

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Other Recommended Upgrades:

  • Air Filter, K&N (on road use)
  • Oil Filter, Motorcraft FL1A
    • (Oversized Ford, requires extra quart of oil during changes)
  • Battery:
    • Optima Red Top
    • Die Hard Platinum Series
  • Instatrunk:
    • Bestop P/N 42700-01 (security for props)
  • Lights:
    • LED Side Markers
    • LED Front Markers
    • LED Tail Lights - Bolt On, Some Wiring Required
    • LED Dash Upgrade - Bolt On, No Wiring Required
      • #194 bulbs: (These bulbs can be any color, to change the look of your gauges)
        • Speedometer - 2
        • Tachometer - 2
        • Battery & Oil gauges - 1
        • Fuel & Temp gauges - 1
        • HVAC - 1
        • 4x4 Light - 1
      • #74 bulbs: (These bulbs NEED to be white)
        • Left Turn Signal
        • Right Turn Signal
        • Brights
        • Brake Light
        • Check Engine
        • Seat Belt *
        • Maintenance Required *
        • Upshift Indicator *
        • Running Lights **
        • Hazard **
        • ABS **
        • Rear Defrost (Optional with Hard Top)
      * - These lights are standard equipment, but are not vital.
      ** - These bulbs are used with optional equipment. If your YJ has running lights or ABS, make sure you upgrade these bulbs as well. If you would like the running light indicator to not be on all the time, then you may omit that bulb.
    • LED Bulbs to purchase:
      • Reccomend using
        • For all the #194 bulbs, except the HVAC: WLED-x5
        • For the HVAC and 4x4 #194 bulbs: WLED-xHP5 bulb
        • For the #74 bulbs: 74-WHP
    • Original Jeep forum Post, credit UltimatE
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